My buddy Andi is switching to cannabis

My buddy Andi has decided that she is switching over to cannabis instead of prescription pain pills; Andi has had lots of odd surgeries over the past few years.

She has had so many of them lately that I have lost count! I believe bad for her because she constantly has something or another wrong with her.

She also has lots of accidents and sometimes she ends up in the hospital. It’s constantly something with Andi, that’s for sure, however you never suppose what she’s going to do next, either. She’s constantly tripping and falling over her own feet and injuring herself. Anyway, since she has ended up having all of these odd surgeries, she has had to be on lots of odd pain medications. She hates taking medications, though. She says that the side effects are poor and that she would much rather take something more natural. That’s why she has been doing research on odd types of medical cannabis. There are all kinds of odd cannabis strains that affect the body in odd ways. Since she has pain in lots of odd parts of her body, she is going to try the cannabis strains that will labor for those areas, but plus, she found out that she is going to be able to try something that helps with her inflammation problems. I suppose that Andi is totally sold on the benefits of cannabis products now. She said that she is going to beginning using them all the time instead of her medications. I suppose that it’s genuinely a great idea!


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