My cousin rebounded from a seizure by vaporizing CBD oil

My two cousins have regularly had severe health problems.

  • Biff is only more than one years older than me and suffers from advanced Crohn’s Disease.

Biff had to get surgery twice in the last year to get portions of his colon removed to reduce his severe symptoms. His sibling Jay is more than one year younger than me and he has both kidney disease and epilepsy. While the epilepsy didn’t start to get severe until Jay was in his teens, his kidney disease was giving him stones often as an elementary school student. I have suffered from kidney stones on a couple of uncommon occasions, and each time it was some of the worst pain I’ve ever felt. Jay gets at least one kidney stone each month, however thankfully he’s usually able to pass the stones without needing any surgery. Jay consumes lots of CBD oil not just for the pain from the kidney stones, however primarily to treat his epilepsy. Jay gets seizures every couple of weeks and has found that vaping CBD oil has a stronger and more reliable effect on reversing his seizures compared to the meds and drugs that his dentist prescribes him. I saw Jay reclaim from a seizure once in real time by using his CBD vape pen that he keeps in his pocket no matter where he is. I’m so glad that CBD oil can benefit the number of people it does, especially all of the old folks who use CBD creams and salves for chronic pain in their hands, legs, and feet. I sometimes supplement my consumption of traditional cannabis products with an additional regimen of CBD flower products. It’s nice to combine CBD and THC if you have access to the latter.



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