My dog is constantly barking at everything

My mom and dad got a pet, but the pet was just too much for them to handle, they thought that the Pitbull and Labrador mix was going to lay around the home all afternoon; that dog had a lot of energy, then I have a numerous acre farm and our parents asked myself and others to take the pet.

I said sure because I have other pets as well and I knew that Jack would get along with the rest of the crew.

I was glad that our mom and dad did not spend thousands of dollars on a designer breed pet, then Jack is a good pet. He is home trained and he is entirely friendly. The only problem is that he prefers to bark for no reason, but sometimes he will bark in the middle of the evening. It’s particularly unusual when it occurs and it makes myself and others know that he might be able to see ghosts. Jack was howling the other evening when I had marijuana delivered from a repair in town. The new marijuana delivery repair driver knocked on the door and Jack started to howl. I tried to get him to quickly quiet down, but he was howling and barking at the same time. The delivery driver from the marijuana repair asked myself and others what kind of pet I had and I opened the door so he could see Jack. I opened the door and Jack saw the marijuana delivery driver and started lunging toward him. I thought he was going to bite the nice guy, but he had started licking him and pawing at his face.