My ex applied for a job at my cannabis store

When I was in college to study architecture I fell in love with a guy named Max. Max was tall, rugged, and handsome, and also an ace in architecture class. He swept me off my feet, so to speak, and the next six months are kind of a blur. Then he dumped me, right out of the blue, and started dating my roommate. I changed schools soon after, and had not seen nor heard from Max in over a decade. Two weeks ago I was at work when Max walked through the front door. He didn’t know I worked at the cannabis dispensary, this was a total accident, and it brought back a flood of memories. I immediately went into the office of the cannabis dispensary and let the other budtenders deal with Max. He was here for about an hour, setting up a new account and getting his information and payment plan set up in the cannabis dispensary database. The state always tracks cannabis sales for individual users, basically to make sure that people aren’t buying it to sell illegally. Max proved to be very popular with my staff, and when he left they told me he had applied for a job here at the cannabis dispensary. We were looking for a new security guard, because our business had increased and we needed more of a presence at the cannabis dispensary. Max came in for an interview the next week, and we had been talking for about ten minutes when I realized he had no idea who I was. I kicked him out of the cannabis dispensary and told him never to come back.

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