My experience with a cannabis contest

In the rage to have contests and competitions, it seems that art forms are being misused.

Take cooking shows, for example. There is an art to making delicious food, and as with any other art, the results are very subjective. What is too salty for one person is not salty enough for the next. To have a contest saying that one plate of delicious food is slightly more delicious than the next is silly to me. How can one dish, or movie, or painting, be compared to other works of art? I was recently invited to judge a cannabis contest, and although I disagreed with the general concept, I still accepted the invite. Why turn down a bunch of free cannabis, right? Money is tight these days, and this is the kind of cannabis I can never afford to buy. This is the type of cannabis that costs as much for an eighth as what I will spend on a half ounce. I had no idea how I would judge and score cannabis, because how can a high be quantified in numbers? I had to pace myself, too, because otherwise the different blends and strains of sativa and indica would blend together into one big juicy stone and I couldn’t tell one weed from the next. I have to say that it ended up being a pretty amazing weekend, although I remember very little of it, and am not sure I actually voted for the cannabis cup winner or not. It is all kind of vague, but then again, isn’t that the point of cannabis?

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