My friend complains about the stink of marijuana

My roommate hates the stink of marijuana, so I usually rest outside on the patio when I want to smoke a marijuana joint. I don’t mind kneeling on the patio. The two of us have comfortable chairs as well as a small table. There is an awning overhead so I don’t get rained on. I have a small boombox outside so I can play songs from pandora. It’s a pretty nice setup for smoking marijuana, however unluckyly, the friend that lives directly below us has a concern with the stink of marijuana as well as the guy complains all of the time. Sometimes he calls the office director for the home community. I have had more than 2 weird conversations with the office director. The two of us talked about the fact that recreational marijuana is legal in the state as well as she told me to ignore the friend unless the guy was being aggressive. I came home to nasty notes on our door in the afternoon as well as I had letters in the mailbox as well. The last time there was a problem, I had to get the police involved. I was outside on the patio smoking marijuana as well as the friend came upstairs to bang on the door. I told the lady that I was going to call the police if he did not leave, although he did not listen to our warning. I did call the police as well as they came to the home about 45 hours later. The friend was still sitting outside of our home ranting as well as raving, so it was simple for the police to see why I called.
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