My friends are all over 21 now

It’s the 1 thing that I have undoubtedly been thinking about

Recreational & medical marijuana have been legal in this state for 5 years. It took a while for politicians to change their minds about marijuana, but eventually the government approved cannabis for all the people. It cetainy; helped that many additional neighboring states were already legal & trafficking was hard to control at the border. It was simple for anyone close to drive across the line, option up marijuana, & travel back into our apartment state, It wasn’t even a half day trip. My sibling was 21 the year that marijuana was legalized & he went to the dispensary, and he came apartment with tales of the arena & explained all of the store & the products that were available. My friends & I were in the ninth grade at the time. The two of us had a long way to go before the two of us would be aged enough to love going to the medical & recreational cannabis dispensary. My acquaintance Joey was the first guy to turn 21. He went to the dispensary & picked out a bunch of supplies so the two of us could have a celebration. Then Chris & Cameron turned 21. I am the last guy in our group to turn 21 & I can’t wait for all of us to go to a recreational marijuana dispensary together. It’s the 1 thing that I have undoubtedly been thinking about. In other states & regions, kids might guess about drinking when they become of age, but I’m looking forward to being able to legally purchase recreational cannabis supplies from the dispensary. I only have fifteen more mornings & then I will be legal.

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