My friends brought a 2 gram pre roll to the party

I had a Super Bowl party over the weekend, because I wanted my friends and I to be able to watch the game together.

I had tickets to go to the game, but I decided to stay home instead.

My dad told me that I was crazy. I offered to give him the tickets, but he didn’t think it would be much fun to sit in the stadium and listen to the crowd. I like the views that I get from home and I enjoy watching the event on television. My friends were pretty excited about the Super Bowl party. Everyone agreed to bring something to smoke or drink. A lot of my friends and I use recreational marijuana products. We had several different types of marijuana from the dispensary. There was a place in the kitchen for people to use a bong and there were pre-rolls all over the table. There were lots of different pre-rolls. Some were infused and some were top shelf flower. One of my friends brought a two grand pre roll to the party that was infused with hash oil. The infused marijuana joint was dipped in distillate and rolled in marijuana kief. The Joint was easily one of the best that I have ever smoked. It was very smooth and the joint burned slowly. I didn’t cough even once when I was smoking the joint and I took a lot of really big puffs. At the end of the night, my team lost and I was too stoned to even care. They didn’t even try in the fourth quarter and lost 42-7.


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