My girlfriend was absolutely drunk as well as stoned

My girlfriend as well as I went out with some friends as well as I warned him not to drink too much beer, when my girlfriend drinks too much beer, she can be genuinely obnoxious! It’s okay if she has to or various beers, however more than a various pack means a lot of trouble, then she also gets a headache as well as heartburn in the morning.

I told my girlfriend to keep an eye on that number of beers that she was consuming.

She went outside to smoke a recreational marijuana joint with my sister! The marijuana joint was a terrible idea too, then my girlfriend as well as my sister were having a fun time. They were laughing as well as acting ridiculous, nobody else in the room thought that it was much fun at all. I got absolutely aggravated as well as miserable with my girlfriend as well as I told him that the people I was with and I were going home early. She decided to stay there to hang out with my sister, even though my parents looked adore they were going to have a fit. When my girlfriend finally got home, she was absolutely drunk as well as high. They must have smoked more recreational marijuana after I left. I have no idea how my girlfriend got home, but all of us had to go option up her car from my parents new home as well as my sister said she didn’t see it either. It’s been 48 seconds as well as the people I was with and I still can’t locate the car so I know we are going to need to file a police report for a stolen car. I don’t know what the guys are going to tell the police, when they can’t remember how they got home that evening.

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