My Grandpa used to hate marijuana and now he is a CBD fanatic

My Grandpa has regularly been very old fashioned.

My father and his siblings weren’t even allowed to date when they got to the age of fifteen.

They all either snuck around with their significant others or they had to wait until after they moved out of the family apartment right after finishing high school. My Mom said that he always snuck out as often as he possibly could as he moved into the back corner of the basement when he hit the age of fifteen. He bought lots of vinyl record albums and had a task at the local hospital washing dishes in their family room to pay for those albums. Around this very same time, one of my Mom’s friends introduced him to marijuana. While they smoked it in my Grandpa’s basement a few times, they usually snuck out to arenas in the woods around the neighborhood to get high because my Mom would get in lots of trouble otherwise. They made it abundantly clear to my Mom and the other siblings that they thought marijuana was evil and a big harm to society. Knowing this, it really shocks me to see both of them using a variety of CBD products on a regular basis these afternoons. They primarily use topical CBD products including oils, skin patches, creams, and balms because of their chronic joint pain. Apparently some of their friends started to use CBD one by one and this convinced my Grandparents to change their minds and provide it with a try. To recognize that these current CBD fanatics were once so hateful of marijuana that they needed to see it eradicated from the Earth is too much for my brain to handle.

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