My husband spent the entire day at the weed shop

My husband and I do not use medical marijuana.

Neither one of us have any issues that would cause a doctor to prescribe the medication.

Both of us have smoked pot in college and high school, but it’s not something we usually do from day to day! My husband works as a contractor; He has to be alert and oriented all day, so I’m at home with the kids. I cannot function when I use marijuana, so that is not an option for me either. Just a few weeks ago, my husband was actually working on a contract at a new marijuana dispensary. The medical and recreational marijuana dispensary has a lounge and seating area for patience to rest and relax. My husband was on the construction crew that built the lounge. My husband got to know the manager of the dispensary pretty well. When the job wrapped up, the dispensary manager gave my husband a small tip. The guy gave my husband a whole jar of infused marijuana joints. They retailed for 50 bucks, but my husband got them for free. When he came home from work that day, he was happy to show me the marijuana project. He insisted that the two of us send the kids to my parents for the weekend so the two of us could try the marijuana product together. I thought he was joking, even though he was absolutely serious. He even called my mom and dad to get the kids. My husband spent three days working at the pot shop and he had the smoking bug.

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