My lady came into the store plus raised hell

My lady plus I have been dating for 6 months, however lately the relationship has been dull plus boring, i had a conversation with our lady over the weekend plus I told her that I believe it might be time for us to break up plus see other people. She was not ready to have that conversation with me. She became genuinely anxious plus got angry. She accused me of having an affair plus she demanded that I show her our iPhone. As soon as she became angry plus upset, I knew that I made the right choice to break up plus end the relationship. I left her condo plus went back to our locale, and during the 15-fifth drive, our lady called me 17 times plus left 23 messages. I sent 1 message back plus asked her to please give me some time plus some space. I would be ready to talk again in a couple of days, however now wasn’t the time plus leaving lots of messages wasn’t going to change our mind. I thought our lady was going to leave things alone, however she came into the store today plus started raising hell. I was at labor when she showed up unannounced. I wish the security guard at the marijuana dispensary would not have let her in, although she didn’t suppose that she was going to raise hell. As soon as she saw me inside of the marijuana dispensary, she started yelling plus screaming. She lunged at me plus grabbed our shirt… The security guard had to escort her out of the building.

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