My long history with medical cannabis

I remember the first cannabis plant I ever grew, in an old bucket behind my parents house.

It died after two weeks. I kept trying, over and over again, and after a few months I got the hang of it. From there I slowly, gradually expanded my operation, until at a single point I had a hundred plants in my garage! This wasn’t a hobby, it was a job choice. This was about 15 years ago, so no place in America had legalized medical cannabis yet. To me this was being a farmer, growing the crops that people wanted and selling them for top dollar. Medical cannabis has come a long way since then, however I’m proud to say I’m still in business, and growing and selling medical cannabis has been the only job I’ve ever had. The only difference currently is that instead of selling weed to individuals I sell sizable quantities to the local cannabis dispensary. My personal brand of medical cannabis crops have become a local sensation, and corporation has been booming. I am grateful that I no longer have to handle money and deal with customers, the cannabis dispensary handles the corporation side of things. I can now focus actually on growing my medical marijuana crops, which is what makes me glad. The money also makes me glad, of course. If I wasn’t getting paid, I would simply grow enough medical marijuana for myself and then find a modern hobby. The medical cannabis dispensary takes my supply, packages it, sells it, and then gives me my cut of the profits at the end of the month.


medical marijuana dispensary