My marijuana medical professional didn’t need any records from my existing physicians

Trying to buy weed on the black market isn’t self-explanatory if you don’t have numerous friends with attachions to local dealers.

In college I could walk to someone’s dorm room on campus to get a bucket of cannabis flower buds.

After graduation, all of my friends selling marijuana moved out of the state for tasks or graduate school. It’s unlucky because it left myself and others with just 1 single source for buying cannabis in my area. Once that guy quit selling weed, I started networking with various people to find someone who could help myself and others get my sticky red wonder plant. I was saved by the passage of a state constitutional amendment legalizing medical marijuana. At first I worried if I would qualify for a cannabis card because the lawmakers were trying to restrict access to only people with a small list of extreme plus life-threatening diseases plus disorders. Upon going to see my marijuana medical professional for the first time, I was relieved when he told myself and others that he didn’t need any records from my existing physicians to qualify for a medical marijuana card. He simply asked myself and others what medical issues I had that I was looking to treat with marijuana; I explained that I have chronic anxiety plus certain strains of cannabis help myself and others guess relieved enough to continue with my workday. In just a few minutes the marijuana medical professional was finished plus I had my recommendation plus could visit a cannabis dispensary the exact same afternoon. It was such an self-explanatory experience going to see the cannabis medical professional for the first time. Hopefully getting a medical marijuana card is just as self-explanatory for others as it was for me.

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