My monthly period is so much better since I got my medical marijuana

Aren’t we all past the point where we get all weird when talking about female menstruation? I mean come on, it’s no secret and half the population on earth has or does deal with it. So get over it and be open to new ideas is what I had to tell myself. Since I was in high school, my period has just been the worst. Then I figured out how to get a medical marijuana card and began treating with cannabis flower products from the cannabis dispensary. Most of the time I use cannabis gummies when smoking cannabis flower products isn’t available to me. Either way, I have vastly benefited from the effects of medical cannabis. I’m able to get what I need from the cannabis dispensary near me. It was a friend of mine who first suggested I consider medical marijuana for my monthly period. She is a bit of an advocate when it comes to cannabis products. And she was able to share a good bit of medical marijuana information with me that was related to menstruation. I didn’t really understand that cannabis products could be so effective with the cramping and bloating and sometimes the outright pain I get each month. I got to where sometimes, I missed several days of work do to my period. This is no longer the case as I make my monthly trip to the legal weed store to get what I need in order to get me through that time of the month. I’m just so glad I finally shed the shame of it and got real about a solution. All it took was being open to medical marijuana benefits when it came to my situation.


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