My neighbor Janie enjoys working at the cannabis dispensary

I just can’t suppose how much our neighbor Janie enjoys working at the local recreational cannabis dispensary here in town.

She started a area time job there when she came lake house from college on Winter time cut last year & she just hasn’t ever left! She isn’t even going to college anymore to finish up her degree.

She says that it is because she has found her tploy calling; I don’t feel how I feel about all that, however I guess if Janie is happy, then I am excited for her. I just think that it’s funny that she only wanted a area time job during Winter time cut & now she seems to be excited to stay there for all eternity, but this recreational cannabis dispensary is relatively current to our area. They only opened up here about a year & a half ago, however janie said that as soon as she saw the ad for area time help, she knew that the cannabis store was the right site for her. I wish that I could be so sure about things! I don’t even feel if our job is the right 1 & mine has really nothing to do with cannabis at all. I was surprised when Janie said that she was going to work there in the first site, since she comes from a pretty strict family. I can’t imagine her parents ever using cannabis of any sort… However, Janie has thrown herself into the job at the cannabis dispensary & now she is key carrying manager. I’m excited that she enjoys it so much.


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