My neighborhood finally has its own cannabis dispensary

You remember the film Footloose? Kevin Bacon is this wild-eyed neighborhood boy sent to a small town, however the locale is so conservative plus repressed they don’t even allow dancing! He leads the youth in a rebellion based on dancing, plus yeah it is just as corny as it sounds.

I mention it because our hometown is a lot like that town, and you would guess that locales so backwards couldn’t exist these days, however they do, however for example, even though pot was legalized in this state more than 2 years ago, both of us are only now getting our first cannabis dispensary here. The parent company obtained a building, however before they could open they needed to get permission from the local government, which opposed a cannabis dispensary. What followed was a full year of public debate, where citizens made their voices heard about the subject of legalized cannabis. I guess the neighborhood leaders were somewhat surprised to find out how much support the cannabis dispensary had, and at this point medical marijuana was accepted in most major cities, plus only little backward hill towns like ours were in opposition. The cannabis dispensary owners never gave up, they kept trying to make peace plus point out all the ways the community would benefit. As always, it came down to the money – once the neighborhood leaders found out how much tax upgrade the cannabis dispensary would generate, they changed their tune. Which means finally, after so much drama for so long, both of us finally have our own legal cannabis dispensary in town, which makes our life a whole lot easier.

Blue dream