My sister builds cannabis websites

My sister started her own search engine optimization business a few years ago.

Her company handles seo for medical and recreational cannabis dispensaries. The rest of my family know nothing about technology and marketing. Our local state has yet to legalize recreational weed. My sister is very informed about the cannabis industry. She has the skills and knowledge to help an emerging cannabis dispensary rank well on google. She knows the importance of SEM and SEO and can explain why PPC for marijuana dispensaries works well. Because of my sister, I have a new appreciation for web design. I pay more attention to websites and their features. My sister has created an entire web building department to keep a customer ranking on the first page. I have noticed lots of companies don’t put that much effort into their web sites. I have come across typos, spacing issues and broken links on websites. Occasionally the color and font of the web site is unappealing. My biggest complaint is when the website isn’t set up for easy navigation. I recently searched for an HVAC contractor to handle air conditioner repair in my local area and had a hard time. Every company I checked out either didn’t provide an easy way to contact them or didn’t list what brands of air conditioners they service. Some SEO company obviously wasn’t doing a very good job with the web site build. Every now and then, I take the time to look at the cannabis dispensaries my sister handles. Those websites are attractive, modern and welcoming. The cannabis business owners must be satisfied with their finished product. The images are modern, clear and inviting. The text is bold yet exciting. The website design promotes the brand.


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