My sister doesn't understand marijuana education facts

My sister has never used marijuana in her life.

  • She thinks that she is above everyone because she’s never smoked a joint.

She always turns her nose up when someone offers it to her at the family picnic. Almost everyone in the family uses recreational or medical marijuana products. Since it was legalized, people everywhere have decided to start going to the dispensary to toke up on marijuana products. My sister still thinks that marijuana is a drug. We got into a pretty heated conversation last weekend when we were at my mom’s house for dinner. She acted like I cursed in front of the kids. My sister didn’t want to hear anything about the ways that medical marijuana can help the body in the mind. As far as she is concerned, marijuana might as well be an illicit drug like crack or heroin or fentanyl. I don’t think anything is ever going to change her mind about that. I’ve tried to get my mom to talk to her, but my mom is on the fence too. I think she secretly believes the same thing as my sister even if she won’t say it out loud. At least she doesn’t make everyone in the family feel bad for the choices that they make when it comes to medical and recreational marijuana. I even tried to get my sister to go to an educational seminar that was only an hour long. She didn’t want to be seen in the dispensary. If my sister doesn’t have to pay my bills or pay for the medical marijuana, why should she be so upset about the fact that I get high when I have anxiety and panic attacks.

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