My sister is going to tell my mom that I smoke pot

My sister and her boyfriend are arguing again and this time she left the guy for a couple of days to prove that she can stand on her own.

It drives me crazy to see her put up with the gambling, cheating, and lying.

My parents act like my sister should stay with him, just because he has money. I don’t think all the money in the world can make up for acting like a jerk. Meanwhile, my parents try to get me to convert to being straight. I’ve been gay since I was born, but I’ve been out since I was 12. My dad was really unhappy, but he dealt with it because my sister wouldn’t talk to him otherwise. She’s 10 years older than me and she still doesn’t have her stuff together, but she is clearly his favorite. I smoke pot to deal with all the family drama. I haven’t told my parents that I smoke pot, because they still pay my rent. They think that marijuana is a bad drug and they put marijuana in the same category as crack, heroin, and bath salts. My parents are completely out of touch with reality but there is no way that I can change them now. When my sister left her boyfriend, she came to stay with me for a couple of days and she found me smoking marijuana out on the porch one night at 2:00 a.m. she told me that she would not say anything to Mom and dad, but I know my sister can’t keep her mouth shut. It’s only a matter of time before she tells them.

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