My time is worth more than the sale prices

I’ve always gotten up very early on Mondays.

Mondays are the day at the pot shop when they have a lot of cheap marijuana products on sale.

The cheap top shelf marijuana products are small shake and popcorn nuggets. Every Monday morning, everyone goes to the store and get in line to wait for these incredible deals. The top shelf of our products are only $25 each, instead of the regular price of 50 or $55. Unfortunately, the pot shop only has a limited amount of supplies and that means it is very difficult to get what we want. They even have a limit on the amount of products you can purchase so everyone has a chance at the sale. When I found out that online orders were able to be used for these products, I was surprised. The people I was with and myself went into the store and waited in line. A person came through the door for a pickup item and made a comment about the sale prices. At that point, I decided to ask the lady behind the counter if I could order the sale items and shoes pick up as an option. She absolutely told myself and others that we could do this. The people I was with and also myself no longer go to the marijuana shop. Now we order our products online. My time is absolutely worth more than the sale prices. The people I was with and myself know that ordering these products online saves us a ton of time as well as a good amount of money too.


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