My wife and I went to a cannabis dispensary last weekend

Last weekend, our wife and I decided that both of us wanted to have a date night but both of us didn’t easily want to go do a movie or dinner or a bar or something prefer that.

That kind of thing gets easily aged after a while when you do it so often.

I had been looking online for some unusual things to do and I found out that there was a new cannabis dispensary that had opened up just a couple of miles from us. This particular cannabis dispensary had only been open for a few months, and so it wasn’t easily all that well known in the section yet. The people I was with and I had really never been to it before and so both of us weren’t easily sure what the protocols were for getting inside. I believe that at particular cannabis dispensaries, you have to make appointments and get put on a reservation list before they will let you inside. That wasn’t the case with this cannabis dispensary, though. The woman on the cellphone told us to just show up and come on in. I was undoubtedly gleeful about going in and finding some new medical marijuana products for us to try out. In our state, you can get all sorts of recreational cannabis products, even if you don’t have a medical marijuana card. The people I was with and I were easily gleeful to go in and get some wonderful cannabis products to use over the weekend and both of us easily weren’t disappointed! This cannabis dispensary was fully stocked with all kinds of things. I was super stoked to try out the cannabis drinks and the cannabis tropicals.


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