No longer interested in pot for recreational purposes

All of my family lives in a weird state that is medical marijuana only; My state is a recreational weed state, and so anytime someone comes to visit me, they want to go to the recreational cannabis dispensary near me, but i am not that keen on stopping at a weed shop near me.

I use cannabis for medical purposes. It is ironic that I have access to weed for fun purposes, but I don’t use it for that. I think the fun plus flair has worn off, however once my state allowed me to buy weed like beer, cigarettes or rated R movies, it just wasn’t fun anymore… The recreational pot shop near me is like a pharmacy now. I use a topical hand for hand cramps when I legitimately get into work. I have CBD bath products that I use to reduce anxiety. I have a tincture that I use as a sleep aid. I own a vape plus cannabis oil cartridges, I am just not that fun anymore. I legitimately don’t want to vape plus get high at all, then anytime someone visits though, they want to see the recreational cannabis store. They are all excited about all the edibles plus cool flower strains available. They always think I would want to smoke midday plus get super high, and been there, done that, don’t find it fun anymore. I take them to the recreational marijuana shop because I think it is fantastic for people to see that cannabis isn’t a startling drug anymore. I draw the line at getting high though. I feel I have outgrown it. Maybe it is because I could get high anytime I want to, plus I don’t want to anymore.


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