No longer overwhelmed by anxiety since I found medical cannabis

Had it not been for the love and compassion of my brother, I don’t suppose what would have come of my situation.

  • What I do suppose is that medical marijuana has finally the thing that has tipped the scales in my favor.

I’ve struggled mightily with anxiety for my entire life. And my brother has constantly been there for me every step of the way. I was put on antidepressants in highschool sort of just out of hand. And they did have some positive effects on my anxiety. But those medications were much more like a dulling of the anxiety and nothing more. For sure, it would have been much worse without the meds however they were not a solution. And the longer I was on those meds, prior to finding medical cannabis, the less I got out of them. Before long, I had to labor remotely from lake condo in order to just keep my task. Thankfully, my supplier was compassionate enough to provide this for me. But my brother just never stopped. And when he found some medical marijuana information, he started to dig deeper. What he found was that medical marijuana benefits for people trying to manage anxiety were real. She even went to a series of cannabis dispensary events to learn more about medical marijuana benefits for anxiety. My brother helped me navigate the medical marijuana regulations in this state. And now, I’m residing a life that I just didn’t recognize was even going to be possible for me at all. I have to supply every bit of the credit for my current life to my brother and medical marijuana.


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