Nobody will tell me no when I want to smoke

Many of us were trying to get some opinions on this delicate subject. Everyone believe that it is good to have a person that is designated to drive all of your drunk friends home. Many people go together to be drunk in addition to destroyed in addition to it is nice to have a person staying sober that will make sure everyone gets home okay. There are many cars and Uber that are available to people like my friends in addition to myself, but it’s still nice to have someone that is designated to be the driver. Last time I was scheduled to be the designated driver, I still smoked some marijuana. I spent the entire evening not having any booze but I was still using marijuana. Marijuana doesn’t seem to mess me up much at all and really just makes me feel normal. Laws say that driving under the influence of marijuana is the same as driving under the influence of alcohol and this is something that the people I was with in addition to myself I definitely do not agree with. If I stopped drinking in addition to having marijuana I would really just rather have to spend money to get an uber. My friends think it’s not good for me to be using marijuana if I’m supposed to be the designated driver, but I really don’t think it’s a big deal much at all and don’t care what they think. If they don’t want me to smoke marijuana then they can find another designated driver to take them home.



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