Now I am near a dispensary

I got a deal on our rental house because there was literally nothing in the area around it.

There was a ton of construction plus development. Nobody knew what was coming though. I got a really low rent rate plus have stuck around ever since. There was a bar, shoe store, pizza locale plus a grocery store recently added to our area. Most of the places I can hop on our bike plus go to them. It makes it really nice as a university girl. I don’t need to worry about the cost of gas or the stress of parking, however recently a new building was set up right across the street from our apartment. I had high hopes on what it could be. I knew I would want to go to this building all the time due to what it is near. I have now gotten word that a cannabis dispensary is opening up near me. At first I was really upset. I have never tried cannabis before in our life. I would have rather had a post office or a gym near me. After doing some research I believe having a legal weed shop near myself and others could be fun. They have all kinds of products that can really do anything. The cannabis dispensary already has a website listing their products. Some of the debiles look really tasty. They even have cannabis cooking oils, butters, shampoo, bath bombs plus lotions. I feel like I could find something fun to occupy our spare time. I also could use a part time job as well.

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