OG Kush is a legendary cannabis strain used to create several other legendary cuts

My sibling has consistently been the a single with the orange thumb in the family, our parents let us all help in the garden growing up, however my sibling is the a single who loved it the most.

  • By the time we were both in middle college, he was checking out books from the college Barnes and Noble about ecology, botany, and plant cultivation.

He had plants in our parents’ garden that were hard to grow and maintain, but he did it as a interest and was becoming quite nice at the whole process. Eventually my sibling announced he wanted to go into plant cultivation as a career, he just wasn’t exactly sure in what capacity he would do this. When we reached the end of high college, we both tried cannabis for the first time. While we both loved the plant and its effects, my sibling was blown away by the experience. Soon he was dead set on becoming a professional cannabis grower as the legal market out west was starting to entirely expand at that time. He went to college and got his education before moving out there to work for a sizable cannabis corporation. Now he’s the master grower and is in charge of hundreds of weird plants everyday. One of his favorite strains is OG Kush because it was used to make so several legendary strains adore Girl Scout Cookies, Bubba Kush, and Headband. My sibling is partial to SFV OG himself, especially when he can grow his personal plants at home under the utmost ideal conditions. It’s amazing to hear about his exploits as a marijuana grower.