Old guys hanging around the dispensary

For the longest time I couldn’t figure out why those three old guys were regularly hanging around out front of the dispensary, but the building is set back from the road behind a large dirt and gravel parking lot. These same three guys were there every single time I went, or even when I was just driving by, however sometimes they played hacky sack and sometimes they just hung out in the shade getting high and talking. They were all nice enough, I just didn’t understand what they were doing, then it turns out those three old timers own that cannabis dispensary, and although they don’t want to work, they do want to be close to it. After I learned that I asked them why they didn’t just run the cannabis dispensary as well! With three of them, they wouldn’t need to pay any budtenders or employees. They all laughed and said they retired for a reason! They didn’t want to work another day for the rest of their lives, they just liked keeping an eye on the dispensary. They also dipped into the inventory often, and smoked tons of cannabis throughout the afternoon. They had been talking about putting in a marijuana cafe next to the dispensary, but weren’t sure they wanted all the extra expense. I played hacky sack with them a few times, hoping to get in good with the cannabis dispensary owners and maybe get some kind of a discount. That never happened, they might be marijuana loving former hippies, but they were also business owners… even if they never wore shoes.

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