Once the state enacts certain cannabis rules, they change them altogether

I lived in a number of different states over the years, and there were advantages and disadvantages to them all.

Before you consider the differences in laws, you have a large degree of geographical and geological diversity from one coast to the other.

I wasn’t a huge fan of the desert areas, only because the heat was absolutely excruciatingly hot during the summer months. I kept telling myself over and over that I’d love the heat once I finally got there, but then I couldn’t cope once my thermometer was reading 112 degrees one day. Living in the south is similar, but at least I was able to enjoy some of the most gorgeous beaches I’ve ever seen while I was down there for a few years while fulfilling work obligations. My current state has a lot of geological diversity between counties, so you can find a different climate depending on which city you pick as a residence. We managed to pass a constitutional amendment legalizing medical cannabis back in 2016 despite our lack of uniformity, but the state legislature won’t stop messing around with the rules and regulations over marijuana. And once the state changes the guidelines over marijuana, they don’t ever get changed back. I thought that our constitutional amendment over medical cannabis would protect it from legislative overreach, but it hasn’t in this state. The state legislature is always crafting new ways to make it difficult for heavy users to get access to cannabis in this state to the same degree they would in any other state with a medical marijuana program. Patients shouldn’t be punished for simply having higher tolerances for the plant’s effects.

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