Open mic night at the cannabis dispensary

They started an open mic comedy night at the local smoker’s lounge. On paper this seems like a great idea, because nobody is a better audience for jokes than stoners. People get high and laugh at just about anything, so putting a stand-up comedian in front of them is a no-brainer. The problem that emerged after a few weeks was that since it was an “open mic” night, anyone could sign up for a few minutes of stage time. While cannabis may make jokes seem funnier, it does not make people funnier. In other words, anyone who smokes enough cannabis will eventually think they are funny enough to get on stage, and quite the opposite is true. A comic needs to have lightning-fast timing to deliver a good joke, and smoking marijuana tends to make people a little slow. I love going to the cannabis dispensary, and I frequent the smoker’s lounge a couple nights a week, but I have to start passing on the comedy nights. The one thing I don’t like to do while high on cannabis is to cringe. Stand up comedy is usually cringe-worthy on open mic nights at the cannabis dispensary, so I prefer to stay home. I do think it’s a good idea to try different kinds of entertainment at the cannabis dispensary, I would just prefer a different kind of entertainment. It could be worse, it could be Improv. The mere thought of a bunch of potheads doing improvisation on stage at the cannabis dispensary is far too cringey for me to handle!

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