Ordered a new batch of sativa

Movie night is friday night in the backyard.

Around here, we always do it up right.

We like to try and watch something new, instead of an old classic, so we find a hot new release on pay per view, and then project it on the movie screen out back. We have a fire pit, a semicircle of chairs around the screen, and a staggering array of snacks and drinks. With our normal crowd, we always get candy, popcorn, and pizza, and wash it down with beer and wine. After that, it’s time for the cannabis, because having a movie night without getting high is not how we do things around here! There is a two foot tall glass water bong that we keep in the living room, and anyone who brings cannabis with them can pack it up and use it at will. Not everyone smokes, and that’s okay, there are so many amazing edibles these days that pot brownies and space cakes are a regular feature on movie nights. We just have to be careful not to mix up the pot brownies with the regular brownies, or the kids will have a trippy school lunch the next day! I like to have a movie night once a month or so, although the smoking of cannabis is something that happens daily. Next week we are planning our next movie night, and I have ordered a special batch of sativa just for the occasion. All the guests will need to stay over that night, because we are going to get crazy.


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