Our DD wasn't exactly sober

Everyone of us wanted to get a lot of opinions on a very delicate subject.

Everyone had thoughts about a person working as a designated driver.

The DD is a person that has to stay sober to be a good host and show for. Everyone actually gets a chance to be the chauffeur and everyone else gets a chance to sit on the line and help out people who seem to be lost. Ubers are available all over the place but my friends like to still have a person that can drive them home. I was asking a question and was wondering if I could be the designated driver while using cannabis. I can abstain from booze for one night however cannabis just keeps me going. The designated driver shouldn’t do a lot of things, but depending on how long it is they will get away with a lot of stuff. I still have cannabis in my system most days when I am driving and this is basically due to the fact that I am high all of the time. Then I’m going to bait between my friends in addition to myself for a single night. I can do lots of fun things but I want to be high on cannabis. I know that cannabis can be much safer than using some type of illegal and illicit drugs. If I am stopping drinking and also marijuana for an entire night, then I would rather just pay for it and uber. My friends definitely did not understand that

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