Panic attacks used to cause me terrible problems

I used to suffer from terrible panic attacks.

They would cause the most intense and severe physical reactions like sweating, shaking, and accelerated heart rate. I also got hot flashes and chills sometimes, with dizziness, chest pain, and abdominal cramping. The panic attacks were awful. It happened for no reason sometimes. I was having trouble getting myself under control. I went to the doctor and I told him all about the problems I was having. He told me that it sounded like a panic attack and he prescribed some things that might be able to help. One of those things was Medical and recreational marijuana. Medical and recreational marijuana has been proven to help with a variety of problems and mental health symptoms. One of those problems is panic attacks. The doctor told me to try medical marijuana the next time I was feeling stressed out or panicked. It happened pretty quickly after I got the medical marijuana supplies. My girlfriend called me at home and said that her parents were going to come over for dinner. I started freaking out. I had never met them before and our apartment was a mess. I could not control my fear and panic. The medical marijuana products really helped a great deal. Thankfully the side effects weren’t too severe. It would have been terrible if I could not have controlled myself in front of my future mother and father-in-law. I laughed a lot and made some terrible jokes, but it was a really stress free night thanks to weed. My girlfriend thought the night went well.

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