Pet CBD products are working wonders on my elderly dachshund

I’ve had my dachshund Pepper for the last 14 years.

She’s such a sweet dog that loves every person she interacts with. I have fond memories of bringing Pepper to show-and-tell when I was in the 3rd grade and everyone went crazy when they saw my adorably cute dachshund puppy. Pepper wagged her tail and looked around in amazement at all of the young faces smiling and wanting to pet her soft fur. For countless years Pepper was the closest living being on this planet to me, and I took her everywhere. Although we had many amazing years together in our youth, we’re both showing our age. I’m no longer a kid and Pepper is no longer a puppy. On top of that, Pepper sadly has a lot of joint and muscle pain in her old age. It’s hard to see her struggle and lack much of the youthful energy and agility that she displayed in years past. I feel so incredibly grateful to the friend of mine who suggested that we try giving Pepper some of these new pet CBD products that we see in grocery stores and pet stores in our area. I have tried CBD for pain from a shoulder injury and it definitely helped, but I never consumed it long enough to gauge how it would work long term. But Pepper immediately responded to the new pet CBD products positively and I couldn’t be happier. These pet CBD products aren’t the cheapest items at the store, but it’s worth the extra money if Pepper is happier and more capable of moving around without experiencing constant pain and discomfort.



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