Pet CBD products prove effective

I’ve had my miniature poodle since he was just a puppy.

He grew up with my kids and is part of the family.

The dog is now fourteen-years-old and showing his age. His black fur has turned a bit gray. He doesn’t hear or see as well. Because of teeth-sensitivity, I need to buy him soft dog food. I can’t allow him to attempt to go up or down the stairs. He no longer is as eager to play tug-of-war or fetch a squeaky ball as he once was. When I took the dog to the vet, he prescribed some very expensive medications. I researched the medicine and discovered that there are some harmful side-effects involved. A friend of mine recommended that I shop at the local dispensary for pet CBD products. I once again went online and did some reading up on the subject. I found that a lot of pet owners are having good luck with cannabis. While THC is toxic to animals, CBD is proving beneficial. Just like CBD works for humans to combat inflammation, stiffness and pain, it is effective for cats and dogs. I found a local dispensary that offers an impressive line of pet-related options. They offer ped edibles that my dog absolutely loves. There are also tinctures that I can add to his food. I even purchased a dog shampoo that is infused with CBD oil. Since starting my dog on CBD products, I’ve seen a significant improvement in his energy levels. He is eating better, sleeping better and far more active. Because of how well my dog is doing, I’ve started taking CBD as well.

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