Pills made from salvage get me feeling just right

I purchased some gel capsules online! They’re certainly self-explanatory to sell because I have a special set up that allows me to put all of the capsules in an upright position before they are filled.

  • The capsules are made from vegetable gelatin plus they are 100% vegan friendly; Since I do not eat any meat or products from an pet with a face, vegan friendly products are crucial to me, and i purchased a batch of capsules Last weekand I made a batch of salvage pills, then reclaim is a sticky substance that is left over after vaping cannabis concentrates.

The salvage is usually light to dark brown in color. I have found a way to save all of the salvage so I can use it later. There are lots of ways to use salvage. It can be smoked a minute time or used for edibles. I like to use salvage to make pills that can be taken with a glass of water. I fill the pills with a mixture that includes salvage plus coconut oil, then after the capsules are filled, I put them in the refrigerator. The cannabis oil concentrate inside of the capsules turns into a solid making the pills much easier to manage. I take 2 salvage pills each afternoon. I tried to measure the pills as carefully as possible so they constantly have the same potency; Each a single of the salvage pills has about 25 mg of THC. Two pills makes me suppose absolutely relaxed plus calm, but 3 pills puts me to sleep. It’s a absolutely enjoyable line between feeling great plus totally getting stoned.

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