Recreational marijuana brought higher prices for all cannabis products

I can’t imagine how it must have felt living through alcohol prohibition if you were an adult-aged person who relied on liquor as your relaxing intoxicant after a long and stressful day of working.

Instead of getting rid of liquor, prohibition simply made it harder to produce safely and led to several people drinking tainted bootleg whiskey and other alcoholic drinks.

When it ended in 1933, I can only begin to imagine how it could have felt knowing that the madness was at last going to cease. I don’t even drink alcohol myself however I can agree with anyone else that alcohol prohibition was a failed experiment that accomplished a lot more harm than it did good. This is the aggravating crossroads we’ve been at for decades with the federal status of marijuana. Despite the fact that you can buy cannabis in more states than you can’t at this moment, it still remains illegal at the federal level. I encouraged the advent of recreational marijuana in our home state because I felt like both of us had limited options with our medical cannabis industry. I thought that legalizing recreational cannabis in our state would bring about positive swings, but so far all it has done is decrease the supply and increase the prices; The two of us need more dispensaries and more states with dispensaries to offset this demand. People moved to this state for the sole purpose of obtaining marijuana legally, but now I have to compete with them to obtain the same marijuana products that I was getting a year prior. I think that more people have access now, however I just wish the supply would increase and the prices would drop.
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