Remembering the first time my college roommate and I made pot brownies

I was incredibly lucky to be paired with my college roommate Trey. We got along better than nearly all of the other people I met during my four years in undergraduate school. The college gave us an extensive survey asking us about our likes and dislikes to determine who we would be best paired with. In some cases, the wrong students ended up with one another and switches were made after the fact. We had a lot of friends that were put in this situation, but at least they were able to find other students that were willing to swap. It would be an even exchange of one roommate for another, while the other roommate stays in the same place. The only issue my roommate, Trey, and I had in those dorms were sharing the common spaces with other students. We cooked meals from time to time and the kitchen was often left in a state of total disarray and uncleanliness. I’ll never forget the pot brownies we used to make, especially the first time we tried making them and they were stronger than we expected. Instead of making cannabutter like most people did in the old school days, we got two syringes of RSO oil and emptied them into the brownies. It was absolutely crazy how strong those brownies were! I ate three and felt like I was paralyzed on the floor of our dorm room staring upward at the ceiling. The open eye visuals were intense and it felt like a medium strength hallucinogen. Thankfully we learned from the experience and made our cannabis edibles weaker moving forward.

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