Runtz & Velvet Glove are more than one cannabis strains that are often orange in color

I was eager to visit my acquaintance Ron when he moved out west following graduate university.

He accepted a job at a liberal arts university teaching songs theory & history to freshman & sophomore outdated students.

I was working at an online media publication doing copy editing & graphic design work whenever my help was needed in that department. It wasn’t making me thrilled, even though I was surviving & managing to pay my bills despite my frustrations with my work duties day after day. Ron wasn’t enjoying his work life any more than I was, however there was 1 big benefit that he could appreciate that I couldn’t. His state passed a law legalizing recreational cannabis just four years after Ron moved. Even though he was teaching at a university, his employer never conducted drug tests & didn’t force him to sign any paperwork promising that he would stay “clean.” That’s when Ron started encouraging me to visit him out west in his chique neighborhood apartment. Every one of us could visit all of the amazing cannabis dispensaries that he was respectfully frequenting. Since his state had a medical cannabis industry for years prior to the legalization of recreational weed, the stores & growing facilities were already open & ready to expand. Now you can find dispensaries on every other street corner in his city. Two of the strains that I enjoyed the most when I was visiting Ron were Runtz & Velvet Glove. They’re both insanely popular strains in the cannabis world & they’re also almost regularly orange in color. I love orange colored cannabis strains for sheer bag-appeal alone.
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