Sativa marijuana strains are a great pick me up

Sativa marijuana strains are known to be uplifting and energizing.

When I don’t feel like getting out of bed in the morning, sativa marijuana strains can be a great pick me up.

They stimulate my mood and make me feel like I want to get out of bed. I’ve been suffering from depression since I was young. Depression runs in my family. My mom committed suicide when I was 12 and my dad ended up turning to drugs when he could no longer deal with the depression. When I started feeling symptoms of depression, my grandparents noticed right away and took me to a doctor so they could write me a prescription. The depression pills work for a while, but I have found that sativa marijuana strains are even better. When I wake up in the morning, I have a bowl of recreational and medical marijuana. Sativa strains like Jack herer, durban poison, Maui wowie, and blue dream are some of my favorites. From time to time, the dispensary will get different things and I like to try them all. A couple of weeks ago, the marijuana dispensary got a new sativa strain that was covered with crystals. The product was much more expensive than anything I would normally buy, but it looked really nice and I wanted to try it. I bought an eighth of the sativa strain. I waited until the weekend to try the new sativa. My friends and I were supposed to spend that day at the beach and it was the perfect time to get out the new sativa strain.


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