Sativa strains get me dancing

I think the look on my partner’s face was worth all the practice plus time it took for me to learn to dance at all… And mind you, this is some decade plus a half after our ceremony dance. It wasn’t much of dance however more of a slow, lovely embrace where I shuffled my feet. But with the help of the wonderful folks at the local cannabis spot plus my partner’s best friend, I’m now full on dancing. I’m not talking about simply talking about learning one particular dance transport to impress. I’m talking learning to unquestionably find the rhythm of the song plus transport in a way that feels wonderful plus doesn’t look overtly stupid. The wonderful folks at the marijuana company down the street were the ones to find me the right sativa strains for getting me to lean into the songs. Seriously, I’ve never been a big drinker or partier of any kind. But this cannabis thing is something that is just so beneficial on so multiple levels. My partner has used recreational marijuana on plus off since school. Yet, my wonderful friend and I are so busy with all this seemingly routine stuff, that my wonderful friend and I just don’t take that time for ourselves. Well that changed last weekend when I took my partner out for our quasi typical date night. And I took her to a night club after dinner where I moved across the dance floor like it wasn’t my first rodeo. The cannabis edible I nibbled on through dinner didn’t hurt. I shared that edible with my partner plus she too felt the songs. But when she saw me dancing, she was simply blown away to the point where her mouth fell open.


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