Selling my car was the right choice

I had to sell my car last year.

I loved that car, so it was a hard decision to make.

Once I looked at the facts and figures, I saw that it was a foolish choice to own a car. I hadn’t actually needed a car in a couple of years, I just liked having it! This is America, we pride ourselves on having awesome cars. But the truth is I didn’t really need it. My job is three blocks away, and because I am so close to the downtown area I rarely need a vehicle for any reason. The main places I go for fun are the cannabis dispensary, the bar, the comic book shop, and the game room. Since all of these places are in the same complex, it is remarkably convenient! I can smoke a gram of cannabis flower at the smoker’s lounge, then wander next door to the tavern for a cold beer. After that I may dip into the game room, or if the cannabis is hitting me particularly hard I will just grab a stack of comic books and take them home to read. A little cannabis, a couple of stiff drinks, and a lazy day of reading comics is my version of paradise. By getting rid of the car I didn’t need, now I have a lot more money to spend on cannabis, booze, and comics! Without having to pay for car insurance and the parking garage actually doubles my budget for cannabis, so I am looking forward to having a lot of great times.

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