Selling our car was the right choice

I had to sell our car last year.

I loved that car, so it was a hard decision to make.

Once I looked at the facts as well as figures, I saw that it was a foolish option to own a car. I hadn’t absolutely needed a car in a couple of years, I just liked having it! This is America, all of us pride ourselves on having awesome cars. But the truth is I didn’t certainly need it. My job is three blocks away, as well as because I am so close to the downtown area I rarely need a automobile for any reason. The main sites I go for fun are the cannabis dispensary, the bar, the comic book shop, as well as the game room. Since all of these sites are in the same complex, it is remarkably convenient! I can smoke a gram of cannabis flower at the smoker’s lounge, then saunter next door to the tavern for a cold beer… After that I may dip into the game room, or if the cannabis is hitting myself and others certainally hard I will just grab a stack of comic books as well as take them lake house to read. A little cannabis, a couple of stiff drinks, as well as a lazy day of studying comics is our version of paradise. By getting rid of the car I didn’t need, now I have a lot more money to spend on cannabis, booze, as well as comics! Without having to spend money for car insurance as well as the parking garage absolutely doubles our budget for cannabis, so I am looking forward to having a lot of great times.

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