She looked lost when she entered the marijuana dispensary.

I was working at the local medical marijuana dispensary when an elderly lady walked in.

She looked dazed and confused, so I walked out from behind the counter and asked what I could help her with.

When she asked if she had been there long, I wondered if I should call an ambulance. One of the other budtenders came over and I asked if she knew who the woman was. She told me she had seen her there before, but she appeared to be more confused today than she had seen her before. I took the woman behind the counter and had her sit down. After giving her a glass of water, I waited for the next person to come into the marijuana dispensary. The woman got up and thanked me and said she remembered why she had come in the store. She handed me a note and said it was her medical marijuana order. I looked at the paper and called for the pharmacist that was on duty that day. He came out and talked to the woman. She told him her name was Lily, and she had come in for her medical marijuana. When he asked her why she needed the medical marijuana, she told him she couldn’t remember, but she couldn’t sleep if she didn’t have it. Luckily, the dispensary had the name of her doctor in the records. He called the doctor, and he said she had psoriatic arthritis. The pharmacist realized that whoever gave her the medical marijuana had given her a medication to make her sleep, but not for her pain.

Medical Marijuana