Should have listened to those men when it came to marijuana

But I’m closer now to my children as well as I’m more authentic than ever.

I’ve been about as straight laced as a woman could ever be. I’m a single of those rule followers as well as authority followers. I was raised in a very strict religious household. I suppose I was pretty much scared of everything. So it was a no brainer that I would do the right thing, get an education start a career as well as all that… Of course that is what happened, and even in college, I was afraid of smoking marijuana. The myths as well as misinformation I had been pounded with about cannabis over a lifetime we’re stuck there. I would literally walk out of a locale if there were even pot brownies around. Well all that straight living led me to do not like my life as well as want to find out exactly why. And that has led me to a journey of self discovery. Thanks to the local cannabis spot, I’m continuing that journey. This sort of thing may seem completely surreal but for people care about me, cannabis products have helped me a great deal. I’m studying who I am as well as what I want out of life. But some of the revelations have been tough. I have had to change my job as well as my wifey as well as I have even split. But I’m closer now to my children as well as I’m more authentic than ever. Even my eldest girl who is almost 30 is dealing with similar feelings. I found that certain indica strains for sale at the cannabis dispensary actually are helping me determine just what I want from life. I’m thankful that I found cannabis products later on in life before it was too late.
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