Smoking cannabis on the job is not a good idea

Once a week, I have a person come to my property to perform sod care services.

For the past numerous years, my hubby & I have been using the same sod care service! The owner of the contractor is a much older guy, but he does not actually work too much anymore! Now he has a younger crew to take care of most of the sod service work… One of the boys is his child & I have talked with that guy quite a few times. The boys who were here to do work on the sod this past year were unfamiliar faces that I have not seen before. One of the boys actually was smoking a cannabis joint in the backyard while he was trimming the hedges. I had to double check to be certain it wasn’t a cigarette. I decided to go out back & I could easily smell the horrendous stench of marijuana in the air. To be totally honest, I could not actually believe the guy was smoking cannabis in the backyard. He did not even blink or bat an eye when I decided to go out back. After the crew was entirely completed with my sod, I decided to call the owner of the corporation. He was truly shocked when he heard the news & he apologized like crazy. He promised to get to the bottom of the issue. I never saw that guy again, so I assumed the owner of the sod service contractor had to get rid of him. I don’t have any setbacks with cannabis & I think it is all the people’s individual right to utilize the plant. I don’t actually think that it should be used on the job.

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