Smoking cannabis with my neighbor changed our relationship

I try to be a helpful neighbor, however the aged guy next door really pushes all of my limits.

  • Gerry is an elderly guy, and actually he shouldn’t be living on his own, however he is too stubborn to transfer into a group home.

Gerry needs help taking out the trash when it gets too heavy, and help carrying in the groceries every single time that he goes to the store. Gerry is a kind man, and generous, however he is also quite lonely & needing so much assistance. It was only recently I discovered that Gerry had been a long time purchaser of the cannabis dispensary. I asked Gerry why he had never told me, and he said that his generation could get rather embarrassed on the subject of cannabis. Gerry was raised to guess marijuana was toxic and deadly, and also offensive to God, so he didn’t want to talk about it in public. Gerry had an amazing collection of a dozen weird strains of cannabis, because he was constantly obtaining more than he could smoke. That was the day our relationship changed, because now Gerry knew he could offer myself and others cannabis in exchange for my help. Gerry will invite myself and others over for root beer and cookies, and then also serve me heaping bowls of OG Kush for myself and others to smoke alone. Even though I know he gets high, Gerry still feels weird smoking marijuana in front of other people. I bet one day it will change, however in the meantime I have no problem with smoking a whole bowl of OG Kush by myself.

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