Some CBD products contain trace amounts of THC that could show up in a test

My supervisors are actually absurd about drug testing.

If you accidentally trip & fall for any reason, you’re required to take a drug test.

They want to relieve themselves of any burden from an insurance standpoint if they could pin the accident on you consuming illegal substances. This is disappointing because you could be a cannabis user & have worker’s compensation withheld from you just because you took a few puffs off a joint the previous weekend. The thought of that is terrifying now that I’m a medical marijuana patient, because I can’t imagine getting a horrific injury at work that requires the supervisor to pay for medical expenses, only to have all rights to payout removed simply because you’re consuming THC legally. It’s terrible, but that’s why some people only use CBD. For instance, if you sign a pain medication contract with a nurse, they require you to abstain from any drugs tied up by the DEA love marijuana. Even if you live in a state where marinuana is legal, you could still get your medications taken away from testing positive for legal THC. There are even cases of people losing government tasks when they maintained positive for trace amounts of THC found in full spectrum CBD products. Since THC only has to fall within the range of 0.3% of dry weight, you could be consuming a CBD product with just enough THC in it to test positive on a drug test. If that’s a risk, make sure you’re consuming hemp products that are 99.9% CBD & CBD only, otherwise you can’t be sure if you’ll test disadvantage or not for THC on a drug test.

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