Some marijuana oil pens contain distillate that is rich in terpenes and flavor

When I experimented with alcohol a lot in college, I couldn’t figure out why I would get a more full-body intoxication from beer and wine compared to hard liquor like vodka or whiskey.

The body numbness usually quelled my anxiety better than the intense mental effects I experienced with hard liquor.

Even though I quit using alcohol altogether, I will only accept it again if I’m offered beer or wine at a special event. The effects aren’t desirable to me, especially if I have too much. My family is full of drinkers but I have always been a cannabis user instead. But oddly enough, cannabis products vary in effects similarly to alcohol products, and for many of the same reasons. Raw cannabis flower buds are full spectrum and are rich in natural terpenes and cannabinoids. When you extract oil from cannabis flower buds, you always lose some of the natural compounds that are in the raw plant. There is expensive cannabis distillate oil that utilizes a rich terpene sauce that is extracted directly from the same marijuana plant used to make the oil itself. This is closer in effect to the actual flower, but some marijuana oil pens are basically just concentrated THC. I will only buy cannabis oil pens if they’re rich in terpenes and flavor. There are too many cheap cannabis oil pens that taste like plastic or metal every single time I take a hit. On top of that, the cannabis distillate oil might lack cannabis derived terpenes altogether. If your distillate oil is made with botanical terpenes instead, you’re definitely not going to get the same entourage effect that you find with whole flower cannabis buds.



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