Somebody forgot their bag

I have a yoga class every Tuesday afternoon, and I take the A train across town so I don’t have to get in my car and face the traffic, then the A train has a stop that is only a couple of blocks away from my apartment.

  • It drives off right in front of the spot where the yoga class is located.

It’s incredibly easy to take the train and it only costs a dollar and twenty-five cents. Last Monday I was tired at the end of the yoga class. Instead of looking for a good spot to sit on the train, I took one of the seats close to the exit. I sat down in the seat and closed my eyes for a couple of minutes. I woke up quickly when the conductor sounded the horn for the next stop. I saw a bunch of people get off the train, then my stop was next, so I moved to the other side of the Train by the door. That’s when I realized someone left a bag on the seat. The bag was open, so I could see inside. I decided to take a peek, just in case it was something dangerous. Inside the bag was medical marijuana products. There was a receipt from a local marijuana dispensary, but unfortunately, there was no name on the receipt. It was impossible to tell who left the medical marijuana on the train. I could have turned in the products to the conductor. Maybe they would have kept them and maybe someone would have come back, but I still decided to take the bag of medical marijuana supplies back to my house.

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